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Dermatix Gel Redut Cicatrizes 15 G

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Dermatix Gel Redut Cicatrizes 15 G

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Dermatixé um produto à base de silicone indicado na prevenção e tratamento de cicatrizes hipertróficas e quelóides. O Dermatix é um gel transparente e invisível. Dermatix pode ser aplicado nas partes do corpo expostas ou visíveis que não se nota. Pode também ser aplicada maquilhagem sobre o Dermatix para cobrir a cicatriz. O Dermatix Gel está disponível em bisnagas de 15g.

Frequently asked questions

What is Dermatix? Dermatix is the advanced topical Silicone Gel, used to help prevent scars in freshly healed wounds and also reduce prominent immature scars. It is used and recommended by plastic surgeons, dermatologists and leading specialist worldwide to effectively treat and repair scars resulting from surgery, burns and other injuries. Regular use of Dermatix Silicone Sheet Clear or Dermatix Silicone Sheet Fabric can minimise existing hypertrophic scars and keloids. Dermatix Silicone Sheet may be used to aid in the prevention of hypertrophic scars and keloids. Where can I purchase derrmatix?, +351 22 207 40 40, +351 22 600 88 88 For which types of scars is Dermatix suitable? Dermatix visibly improves established and new scars on the face and body, including hypertrophic and keloid scars. Can I use Dermatix to help avoid scars? If the skin has been ruptured you cannot avoid a scar, but you can make it less visible. You must only start Dermatix® when the wound has completely healed. What will Dermatix do to improve my scars? Dermatix is clinically proven to improve scars. Dermatix has been shown to soften, flatten and smooth scars, add to relieve the itching, pain and discomfort associated with them . Silicone products, like Dermatix can significantly reduce the visibility of your scar. How long will I need to use Dermatix before I can see a difference in my scar? An early benefit of Dermatix is usually seen within 4?5 weeks of usage, you will notice an improvement in the level of itching and discomfort of the scar, but generally a significant improvement in appearance will not be seen until a minimum of 2 months of continuous use. Dermatix® will not work over night. How long should I use Dermatix for? Studies have shown that silicone works most effectively if it is in constant contact with the scar ? so be sure to use the gel morning and night as part of your daily routine, or use the sheets for up to 23 hours a day, for a minimum of two months. Further benefits may result from extended use. Can Dermatix be used on children, darker skinned people and pregnant women? Dermatix Silicone Gel is recommended for use in children. However no data on the use of Dermatix Sheets in children is available. Will Dermatix eventually remove my scar? It is not possible to make a scar "invisible". Dermatix will however, markedly improve the appearance of most established and new scars. Are there any side-effects? Very rarely Dermatix can cause redness, pain and irritation. Are there any precautions? Dermatix is for external use only and should not be applied to open or fresh wounds, placed in contact with mucous membranes or too close to the eyes. Dermatix should not be applied over antibiotic skin preparations or other skin treatments or products. Can I use Dermatix on established scars? Yes. However, improvements in appearance will be greater on freshly healed skin. What are the advantages of Dermatix? Dermatix is effective, clinically tested and proven, convenient, painless and can be used on all skin types as well as on and around joints and bony areas. There is no drug in Dermatix. How else can I take care of my scar?Scars, especially fresh ones, should not be exposed to extremes of temperature (intense sunshine, sunbeds, saunas and extreme cold). Tight clothing should also be avoided in case it irritates or injures the scar tissue. Care should be taken during stretching and strengthening exercises because the skin, which has already been damaged, is extremely sensitive.

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